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Design iOS & Android Games: 1 Year of Training From The School Of Interactive Design

Design iOS & Android Games: 1 Year of Training From The School Of Interactive Design

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by School of Interactive Design

8 Courses That'll Teach You To Build & Launch Games With No Coding Required



Have you ever wanted to create video games but didn't know where to start or how to code? The School of Interactive Design is providing a lifetime of online game design training created by experts currently working in the video game industry. Start building your very first game in just a few hours without the need to learn a single line of code! You will learn how to make games for all types of platforms like iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac and PC games. On top of these awesome skills, you will also learn 2D game development, 3D game development, graphic design, and computer animation. With programs like GameSalad, Unity3D, Maya, Photoshop, and Illustrator.


We love this year of in-depth training because you really learn the most up to date and important skills from the veterans of the video game industry. With no real coding required, you can be building your games in just hours. Every aspect of this amazing training in broken down into easy to follow lessons so people of all skill levels can learn easily and effectively. Take game design by the horns and start pumping out your very own killer games.
  • Learn game design techniques
  • Learn graphic design elements
  • Learn computer animation to make your creations more realistic and impressive
  • Work with game creation platforms like Unity 3D, GameSalad and Autodesk Maya
  1. Intro to 2D game design with GameSalad - For those who are completely new to GameSalad and want to get up and running quickly with many of the most used and powerful features.
  2. Intro to 3D game design with Unity 3D -For those who are completely new to Unity 3D and want to get up and running quickly with the fundamental features of Unity.
  3. Introduction to Photoshop - For those who are completely new to Adobe Photoshop and want to get up and running quickly with may of the most used and power Photoshop features.
  4. Introduction to Illustrator - For those who are completely new to Adobe Illustrator and want to get up and running quickly with may of the most used and power Illustrator features.
  5. Introdution to 3D Animation with Maya - Designed to get those completely new to the world's most powerful 3D package up and running as quickly as possible.
  6. Advanced 2D / 3D game design - Take game design to the next level with in-depth design training that builds off the fundamentals learned in the into courses.
  7. Advanced Photoshop Techniques - Learn more advanced tips and tricks to help build of your fundamental photoshop training.
  8. Advanced 3D Animation Techniques - Learn in-depth animation techniques that take your Maya experience to the next level.


"Thank you for all of the great training. I have always wanted to develop videos game but I never new where to start. Your tutorials are fun and easy to learn from. Thank you for making this so easy!" - Jenny Young "I published my first iPhone app yesterday and I couldn't have done it without your guys. Thank you for all the training and support. Your instructors have been a pleasure to learn from." - Tan Rimock "I'm am a graduate of the Art Institute which I attended for game design. And I have to admit I learned more on your site in 2 months then I did in 2 years at a school I paid over $60,000 for. Thank you for being as good and fair as you guys are." - David Keller


  • GameSalad (FREE)
  • Unity3D (FREE)
  • Autodesk Maya (FREE)

THE EXPERT - School Of Interactive Design

All of the instructors at The School of Interactive Design are experts at what they do and are currently working in the game, film, and tech industries. Not only have they taught at major schools and studios like Ubisoft and the LA Film School, but instructors have worked on films like Lord of the Rings and Rango.


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  • This offers 1 year of online training courses viewable through the School Of Interactive Design Website
  • Courses are updated with up-to-date material and techniques
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